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Michel Corbiere
Bilingual Voice Over Artist

He is also  the president of C Max Media LLC. . This year will have him in preproduction of some of his written-directed film works. The slate of upcoming projects include “Chica House”, a story of Human Trafficking in NYC-L.A., and also “El Regreso” ("The Comeback"), a Mockumentary about boyband members who reunite 25 years later. He is also the founder of Monichel Media. A company focused on development of interactive content and apps.




Michel Corbiere is a man of multiple talents. He began his acting career at the early age of 3, acting on commercials for radio and television in Puerto Rico. By age 6 he began working on soap operas locally. His work also took him to places such as Mexico and Venezuela. At the age of 8, he became the youngest actor in P.R. to star on his own sitcom “My Dad and Me”, a top rated show that ran for 6 years. The next years find him starring in comedic and dramatic shows, TV specials, and hosting variety shows. His extensive work in theater is also well remembered. In 1990, Michel gets cast in the Paramount Pictures film, “A Show of Force” playing a terrorist alongside Lou Diamond Phillips andRobert Duvall. Soon after, Michel moves to New York to begin studies at New York University’s film school in conjunction with intensive programs at NY Film Academy given by the Industry leaders over the next few years. During this time he establishes himself as one of the top and most sought-after Hispanic Voice Over talents in the U.S., becoming the brand voice for Master Card, AT&T, Heineken, McDonald’s, HSBC Bank, American Airlines, Jeep, Coca Cola, Macy’s, Lifetime Channel, PBS in Spanish and The US Army among many others, having won multiple awards and recognitions along the way including Clio, Ad Age, Radio Mercury, and  Cannes. Since 2005 he’s the official voice/live announcer of the Latin Grammy’s seen by millions of people across the globe. He has given Spanish Voice Over coaching to Hispanic and American actors and singers including John Leguizamo, Mariah Carey, Robert Duvall, Santana, Martha Stewart and Donald Trump, among other celebrities in need of Spanish accent elimination, articulation, and regional dialect acquisition helping them achieve their personal best. In 2008, Michel opens his full service production and post-production studio, Circus Maximus Films in NYC, where he directs and produces commercials with a talented group of editors, sound designers, composers and musicians. In 2011 he moves to Hollywood expanding his client base, and continuing his work as a top rated voice actor, director, and producer.

Voice Artist

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